Since our inception in 2012, Integrated Drilling Services LLC aims to provide comprehensive services for operators in the Caspian and Black Sea regions.
We focus on geological services and reserves assessments, integrated project management and well engineering, economic evaluation and financial forecasts and deployment of cutting edge digital solutions across the upstream value chain.
Our client base are operators in the region who attract IDS for the purposes of operational excellence of their drilling programmes and on-the-ground works.
At the same time, we are actively cooperating with global and regional equipment supply companies supplying clients with state of the art materials guaranteeing safety of operations and attractive return on investments.
• Well engineering and Audit and examinations
• Preparation drilling programmes and rig work instructions
• Well integrity audit
• Completion designs
• Well services
• Mud engineering and services
• Directional drilling
• Borehole enlargement
• Project economics assessment
• Oil price based sensitivity analysis
• Field economics
• Supply chain cost optimisation
• AL projects
• Progressive cavity pump
• Electrical submersible pumps