UZTEL’s non-weld straights bow casing centralizer are the result of more than 30 years of field experience and laboratory testing, our newest design has features making them ideal for both tubing and casing applications:

  • The non-weld design eliminates any weak spots.
  • A choice of standard bow heights ensures optimum starting/restoring force criteria.
  • Special locking tabs hold the bows in the collars.
  • High-quality, spring-steel bows and specialy designed collar hinges provide reliable downhole performance.
  • Available in stainless steel. UZTEL supplies straight centralizers bows in several standard sizes and provides a variety of bow configurations for special applications.
  • Special sizes available upon request

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For Excellent Performance While Under Compression

Almost 30 years experience has gone into the design, manufacture and continual improvement of the UZTEL non-weld centralizers. Our newest generation of products reflects that experience. They are built for use in the most demanding conditions. Starting with the uniformity of the bow hardness to the heavy gauge end collars, they provide a ruggedness for just about any application. These premium products exceed the requirements of API Specification 10D.
Compression testing of the centralizers ensures that the centralizers can withstand very high forces when running casing. The test, illustrated at left, shows that a damaged centralizer will still remain intact under severe conditions.

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Centralizer Selection

To select the right product for your application, basic considerations need to be examined.
To help you achieve the proper balance between starting force and restoring force, UZTEL offers centralizers with a wide range of bow
heights and shapes.
The starting force is the maximum force required to start a centralizer into previously run casing. It should be less than the weight of 40 feet (12.2 meters) of medium weight casing.
The restoring force is the force exerted by a centralizer against the casing to keep it away from the bore hole wall. Minimum restoring force is given for a 67 % ratio of the bow standoff.

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